Mergenomics: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

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3 min readAug 4, 2022



Infinity Labs’ “Scenes from the Solverse” Genesis Collection is the first collect and merge collection to unlock animated NFTs in Web3.

We hand-animate every single one of the 1111 unique NFTs, effectively making them 1/1s. Every merge gets Scenes from the Solverse closer to being one of the largest 1/1 collections on any chain.

It is a collection of 8888 NFTs from every corner of the Infinity universe and can eventually forge 1111 final scenes. You have the power to make this into reality.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at mergenomics and some important things you should take note of when merging scenes.

What is Mergenomics?

You may have heard the term “mergenomics” thrown around a lot lately, but what does it actually mean?

In a nutshell, mergenomics is the process of merging timelines of the same scene, transforming it into a rarer scene. Merging scenes can also unlock evolved artwork and multimedia.

The timelines you merge will become one, generating a new fused NFT.

Infinity Labs was the first collection to do this, and we built the merging state machine from scratch. We also hand-animated all 1111 scenes from the collection, more info in a future blog post.

The more timelines merged, the rarer the NFT, and the more evolved the artwork gets.

How can I get started with mergenomics?

So now that you have a basic understanding of what mergenomics is, let’s dive a little deeper into how can get started.

Initially, you’ll need to own at least 2 timelines of the same scene to start merging.

You can find verified scenes on:

Once you get at least 2 timelines of the same scene, you can merge them here:

A video demonstrating how to merge your scenes on When you’ve successfully merged 2 timelines, the “timelines merged” attribute will equal “2”.

Fully-merged scenes, with unlocked multimedia will result from all 8 timelines of the same scene merged together. This means that there are a total of 3 unique evolutions for each of the 1111 scenes: one at 2 timelines merged, the second at 4 timelines merged, and the final evolution at 8 timelines merged.

Timeline Rarity System

We’ve made it easy to recognize 1) Infinity work and 2) merged / unmerged scenes on marketplaces and aggregators. We’ve done this by creating a star-system overlay on all scenes to easily indicate a scene’s timeline rarity without reading its title or attributes.

A legend breaking down each component of the Star System overlay: Infinity Labs Branding, Scene #, # of Timelines Merged, Timeline Rarity Indicator (1 Gold Star per 2 Timelines Merged)

With this rarity system, you’ll always be able to identify how many timelines are merged in each scene from both the visual overlay and the attributes data.

If you’d like to find matching timelines of the same scene across marketplaces, we’d recommend you to check out this helpful community-made tool — Scene Sniper.

Scene Types

We’ve released a bunch of new features recently documented in the blog post “New in the Solverse”. One of them is having a shiny new attributes to infinity scenes.

Our Genesis Collection is now categorized into 8 different scene types — Celestial beings, Cosmos, Creatures, Events, Landmarks, Landscapes, Magical Items, and Plant Life.

This is one of the most requested features by the community and having official scene categories makes it easier to find their favorite scenes.

Fun and surprising things may await for owners of certain merged scenes in the Solverse. The scene that you merge might just bring you good fortune, or something different… who knows? In the past, scene holders have been random recipients of NFTs created by Randi Zuckerberg, Justin Kan and more.

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Mergenomics is a beautiful thing. Why? Because it gives you the power to make your scenes rarer and evolve them into more unique and distinct artwork. This has never been done before and we’re happy that you’re part of the history.

Now that you’ve read detailed information about mergenomics, you can find your favorite scenes and generate them into a more distinct NFT and eventually achieve the highest rarity in the Solverse.

If you find this beginner’s guide helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends in the Solverse!

Thanks so much for reading!