Contributing to the Solverse Wiki: Where Dreams and Stories Come to Life

Infinity Labs Community
3 min readFeb 18, 2023

Since its creation in 2021, the Solverse Wiki has been a hub for community members to share their stories and contribute to the Infinity universe.

The Solverse Wiki was built from Infinity Labs’ legendary Scenes from the Solverse Collection, which contains 1111 different scenes across 8 timelines. Each scene from the Solverse Collection has a story, a background, and a purpose, just like you.

Currently, there are 1148 pages and 5780+ edits (and counting) in the Solverse Wiki.

It showcases incredible lore stories that have been submitted by writers and contributors from the Infinity Labs community. These stories add more life and more meaning to the existing scenes from the original Solverse Collection and provide readers with an immersive experience that feels like a journey through the Infinity universe.

A short video highlighting some of the incredible stories written by our lore masters.

The Solverse Wiki is not just a platform for sharing stories and contributing to the Infinity universe, it is also a place where the stories themselves will live on forever on the blockchain.

As one of our lore masters, Jose Siqueira (ZeSKK), wrote beautifully:

“My lore will outlive my human self, forever written in the final collection of Infinity Labs NFT , this is what the metaverse is about. Transcendence.”

By contributing to the Solverse Wiki, you are not just writing a story, you are creating an infinite legacy for generations to come.

How can I add my story to the Solverse Wiki?

  1. First, you need to register a fandom account. This will allow you to edit a wiki page and add your story to the Solverse Wiki.

2. Once you’ve registered and logged in, go to the page of the scene you want to add your lore to and click the “edit” button at the top of the page.

3. Paste your lore into the editing box. Make sure to include the title of your lore and your name as the author.

When you’re done, hit the “save” button to add your story to the wiki.

And voilà! You’ve just added your story to the Solverse Wiki.

The Solverse Wiki is a unique and dynamic platform that provides a collaborative space for anyone in the Infinity Labs community to ignite and share their creative writing with the world. Whether you’re an experienced writer or someone who simply loves to imagine and build new worlds, the Solverse Wiki is the perfect place to share your story and learn from others too.

Unleash the writer within you and give life to the captivating scenes from the Solverse collection.

Ready to create something that will live forever on the blockchain? Visit the Solverse Wiki and start writing your lore!

To Infinity. 🚀